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By making its art collection available on its website the Bank of Italy offers the general public the opportunity to view and admire the most important works in its possession. The precious and varied collection has been built up over time through numerous purchases and today it covers a vast time span and many geographical areas, from ancient Asia to 20th century Italy, from Roman sculpture to Flemish tapestries.

The collection was originally intended to furnish the reception areas and directors’ offices and is not displayed as if it were in a museum. Instead, the pieces are to be found in the many buildings that house the Bank’s offices, both in Rome and in other towns throughout Italy. As a collection it is difficult to access and enjoy as a whole.

Through its website the Bank of Italy, constantly attentive to the wishes of the public, has used technology to offer anyone with the means and the interest to log on and access its art collection.

Inside, you will find three sections: ARTISTS – WORKS OF ART – THEMED TOURS.

For each artist and each work of art in the collection and for each of the theme tour in which the material has been organized there will be a written and audio explanation and a set of images. The volume on the audio and background music can be adjusted and turned off at any time. The language selection button allows you to read and listen to the guide in English or Italian.

Apart from this basic structure, users are free to create their own experience: selecting the works of art by type (sculptures, paintings, tapestries, etc.), by subject (landscape, portrait, abstract, and so on), by century or combining one or more searches you can create new personalized pathways.

On the homepage there will also be three buttons: “navigation tips” to help casual users; “news”, for regular updates on the Bank’s activities in regard to its art collection (loans, public openings, restoration work, etc.); “interiors”, for an interactive visit of the rooms where the items in the collection are housed.

The doors are open 24/7 on the website.

Welcome and enjoy your visit!

View of Palazzo Koch