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Telemaco Signorini, Veduta dalla costa di Riomaggiore
Material and technique
oil on cardboard
13 x 19 cm
Antonio Del Guercio

Telemaco Signorini was one of the leading exponents in Florence of the Macchiaioli group of painters. His work is exemplified by the very fine painting Veduta dalla costa di Riomaggiore.
The main feature of the picture is the strong visual contrast between the rocky outcrop occupying the whole of the right-hand side of the painting and the wide sea stretching across the left side under a sky of moving cumulus clouds. This contrast is emphasized by the sharp difference between the dark tones of the rocks and the delicate, clear shades used for sea and sky.
It is, of course, a view, but one that is not limited to a simple description of the place. The contrast evokes a sense of drama or, put differently, gives concrete form to an intense mood.
Veduta provides an example of one the main qualities of Signorini’s painting: the balance between perfectly accurate rendering, complete freedom of composition and psychological effect.
The relationship between these aspects of Signorini’s vision creates a powerful presence, so that the painting depicts with persuasive immediacy both the things present and the emotions they evoke.

Veduta dalla costa di Riomaggiore
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