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Pasquarosa Bertoletti Marcelli, PasquarosaNatura morta con frutta e asparagi
Still life
circa 1950
Material and technique
oil on canvas
51 x 61 cm
Antonio Del Guercio
On a table covered with a red cloth stands a fruit bowl, in front of which lies a bunch of asparagus whose tips point towards the left-hand side of the painting. The composition does not appear to give any importance to the harmonious arrangement of the subjects. It seems rather to want to contest the order in which, from Cézanne on, the still life has been seen as an opportunity to create a balance between volumes and forms. This intention is strongly emphasized by a stem whose leaves hang haphazardly over the side of the fruit bowl.
The rich pictorial matter offers a strong, clear range of colours which nevertheless quiver in the light playing over them. Following her vocation, Pasquarosa proposes a subtle apparition of female existence in everyday life whose iconographic calm is somewhat belied by the penetrating animation of the forms of her painting.
Natura morta con  frutta e asparagi
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