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Material and technique
oil on canvas
100 x 177 cm
Antonio Del Guercio
Giuseppe Palizzi’s thunderstorm shows an image constructed around the central figurative block of the herd of cattle, as if gathered together to protect themselves against the inclement weather. The pale coats of some of the animals appear to attract the little light that filters down from a break in the dark stormy sky. There is a clear projection of the purely meteorological aspect onto a psychological horizon.
Faithful to the lesson of the French landscape artists of the Barbizon school, Giuseppe Palizzi proposes a view of nature that is clearly far from the old tradition of vedutism. Nature amplifies human emotions and captured in its various forms incarnates moments of the human soul. At the same time, consistently with Courbet’s realism, this vision of nature is transmitted by a rich interweaving of colour. A colour that directly, without the mediation of drawing, creates the forms. As in other works by Giuseppe Palizzi and in the new European artistic trends, in Temporale the purely anecdotal aspects are only the means whereby the artist mirrors his emotions in the power and fascination of the natural events.
Il Temporale
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