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Giacinto Gigante, Penisola sorrentina al tramonto
circa 1850
Material and technique
oil on canvas
46 x 62 cm
Antonio Del Guercio
Giacinto Gigante’s painting of the Sorrento peninsula at sunset shows a landscape that extends towards the sea, occupying nearly the whole canvas, its outermost bounds the delicate rose tint of the sunset under a warmly luminous sky. A tree stretches its branches towards sea and sky, interrupting the continuity of the view with its animated, vital presence.
In this work Giacinto Gigante employs the entire range of his treatment of the themes of light, form and colour, themes that his work completely recasts in an intense organic relationship. In the landscape that Gigante puts before the viewer, the desire for a truthful reconstruction of places is combined with the moving evocation of a time of day – a moment caught in the subtle movement of the light. In its infinite motion within the space of a day, the light rests on the forms of places to extol them and consign them to the viewer’s memory.
Tramonto bears all the signs of a lyrical vision in which the place, the time of day and the artist’s psychological mood are perfectly fused.
Penisola sorrentina al tramonto
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