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Giuseppe Palizzi, Cacciatore nella foresta tropicale
circa 1880
Material and technique
oil on canvas
79 x 113 cm
Antonio Del Guercio

The work depicts an imaginary forest landscape, a mixture of exotic trees and trees of more uncertain origin. The landscape appears to close in on itself, leaving two small openings to the sky in the background. In this nature, with its dense and impenetrable vegetation, the two humans the hunter dressed in luminous white and the companion he is talking to at a distance appear lost.
The expanse of colour, dark and intensely interwoven, is broken up in the background on the right of the painting by a bright streak where an invisible sun lights a tree trunk on the ground.
The work reveals a search for spectacular effects but nonetheless stands out for its subtle evocation of mystery, so that the two men appear as if they were lost in an unforeseen place.

Cacciatore nella foresta tropicale
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