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Filippo Palizzi, Interno di stalla con mucche e contadini
Material and technique
oil on canvas
59 x 88 cm
Antonio Del Guercio
As in other works, in Interno di stalla con mucche e contadini Filippo Palizzi abandons himself to an affectionate relationship with simple realities, capturing with empathy their immediacy and everyday character. The darkness of the stable is only slightly broken by a dim light while the newly-born calf stays near its mother under the gaze of the farmer.
The normality, or perhaps the banality, of an everyday occurrence in a stable is portrayed, but the artist’s emotional involvement moves the event to the general plane of birth, whether human or animal.
From his training in Naples to his interaction with French artistic movements of the time, the artist came under various influences, which are very much present and contributed to form a personality firmly grounded in the calm certainty of representing, within one picture, everyday life in various locations and its projection to an almost sacred level.
Interno di stalla con mucche e contadini
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