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Francesco Hayez, Nomina di Pietro Rossi di Parma a comandante delle forze di terra
Biblical - Historical - Mythologic
circa 1850
Material and technique
oil on canvas
118 x 147,5 cm
Antonio Del Guercio
In one of the rooms of a medieval castle we see Pietro Rossi in the midst a throng of family members, children and men in arms on the occasion of his appointment as commander of the land forces. The group at the centre of the picture seems to be back-lit, highlighting the white veil of the woman, a soldier’s red cape and the gleaming helmets.
As in the historical Romantic school in Italy and throughout Europe, there is the most meticulous, faithful rendering of surroundings and costumes. Gestures are measured, suggesting full awareness of the importance of the event, which took place in the 14th century during the Rossi family’s seignory in Parma.
A work from Hayez’s mature period, Nomina di Pietro Rossi retains a trace of Venetian colourism, but the drawing reveals the influence of purism – all in all, a clear instance of the essential traits of the painting of Francesco Hayez.
Nomina di Pietro Rossi di Parma a comandante delle forze di terra
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