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Material and technique
mixed media on masonite
124 x 170 cm
Fabrizio D'Amico
Tancredi once wrote, “I think that in my paintings you can see that space is curved”  and this motto seems to fit this painting perfectly, where myriad light and wavering dark blades gather in the centre of the composition and then leave in all four directions, providing the sensation of a convex body that gravitates in space.
This painting belongs to the season that Tancredi called “nature=space”, contaminating both terms, one of which relates to the world of experience and the other to that of abstraction. But it is always an abstraction that starts from a natural phenomenon represented by Tancredi who is always moved by a light, or by a memory, something real. Far from our Po Valley informal art traditions, often overladen with material, intriguing and afflicted, Tancredi is also distant from a cold enumeration of abstract words. “From a point” – the basic element of his plastic language which he said he inherited from Mondrian – “I work with instinctive strokes and colours to conquer new images of nature,” he added. It is true that in all his paintings, and in this untitled work which represents the peak of his brief mature period, instinct and freedom of composition are a constant guide for him.
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