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Giò Pomodoro, T. Verticale - Orizzontale
Material and technique
glazed bronze
17 x 97.5 x 34.5 cm
Augusta Monferini
This is a version in bronze of another, in “Black Forest serpentine” stone, with the same title and done in the same year, for the Unidad Popular government of Chile. Though in a different material, this sculpture conserves the severe, compact structure of its marble companion. “Now”, said Pomodoro in an interview in 1973, “I am digging into a mass of hard material, difficult to work, and the result is seen only after a long period of time and of work. In Pietrasanta, in the Apuan Alps, where stone and marble have always been worked, I discovered that this way of working was what I was looking for, because it allows me the greatest possible precision, reflection, correspondence of thought and intuition”.
This work is constructed of two vertical blocks that face one another. One consists in a series of rigid,  geometrical elements developing upwards, with a slight convex part, like a swelling, that emerges from the vertical axis. The other, counterposed body comprises within itself a concave part, alluding to the theme of negative imprints. For Pomodoro the mental, conceptual component became increasingly pronounced in his later works, as in this series of sculptures in the 1970s, dedicated to the search for essential, primary forms.
T. Verticale - Orizzontale
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