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Cesare Maggi, Paesaggio sotto la neve
1902 ca.
Material and technique
oil on canvas
180 x 310 cm
Augusta Monferini
This large painting clearly shows the influence of Giovanni Segantini, not only in its impressive dimensions but above all in its subject, an immense snowy landscape. Maggi displays his lusty  power of construction, presenting us, in an imposing frontal view, with the majesty of the mountain.
The snowy mantle reverberates with a high, glaring light that vibrantly envelops the figures of the two peasant women. They are small, alone, at the centre of a vast expanse of snow. They are walking away from the house and towards the viewer, embraced as if to protect one another from the colossal rock face that looms over them, an enormous bastion spread out in the blue-tinted brightness.
The brick building with its snow-covered roof, on the right, behind two withered shrubs casting thin shadows on the ground, also seems to be crushed under the mass of the mountain chain. A large shadow, dense with mystery, is in the foreground, cast by a construction that we do not see and that could be where the two women are bound.
Here the artist truly succeeds in emulating Segantini in the power of the blinding light, made all the more aggressive by the background of an almost unnaturally dark sky, as if still inhabited by night.
Paesaggio sotto la neve
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