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Jan Frans Van Bloemen , nicknamed l’Orizzonte Landscape with River and Castle
18th century
Material and technique
oil on canvas
100 x 180 cm
Alessandro Zuccari
Two groups of trees placed at the sides of the canvas frame a broad landscape that Jan Frans van Bloemen developed according to a well-established pattern: a rural scene set in the countryside around Rome, identified by ancient Roman buildings or, as in this case, by distant villages resembling those dotted around the city. On the banks of the winding river several small figures are busily engaged in various activities. Some of them, in poses  reminiscent of ancient statuary, appear to be contemplating nature. A gentle breeze rustling the leaves of the trees and lifting the cape of a traveller helps to create a tranquil, poetic atmosphere.
Like the other works of van Bloemen in the Bank of Italy’s collection, this painting is a clear example of the Arcadian vision popular in early eighteenth-century Rome and one of its finest expressions. Together with Andrea Locatelli, Paolo Anesi and Hendrick Frans van Lint, van Bloemen enjoyed considerable favour among the leading collectors and patrons of the time and he did not hesitate to produce copies of his most acclaimed compositions. This painting was executed during the artist’s mature period, around 1730.
Landscape with River and Castle
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