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Roberto Marcello Baldessari, IrasEspansione di luce + movimento
circa 1915
Material and technique
oil on canvas
54.5 x 73.7 cm
Augusta Monferini
This fine work from the second decade of the 20th century is an early example of abstract painting inspired by the free triangular and circular forms of Giacomo Balla, intersecting in their celestial dances, but influenced as well by the more crowded, dynamic compositions of Gino Severini and the quite congested style of Umberto Boccioni. The dense interweaving of geometrical forms leaves no space for the background but depends entirely on the dialectical contrast between strongly-lit zones and others more in shadow, while the straight lines, tangential to the curves, seem to accelerate the latter’s rotatory movement. The creative energy with which this conception of universal dynamism bursts out and the power of the protagonistic colours contrast with a modulation of intermediate tones attesting to a highly refined painterly sensibility.
Espansione di luce + movimento
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