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Johannes Lingelbach (Frankfurt 1634 - Amsterdam 1674)

Born in Frankfurt in 1622, Lingelbach moved to Amsterdam in 1634, where his father David had decided to set up a small business. There, Johannes began his training as a painter before moving to Paris in 1642 and then Rome in 1644. He returned to Amsterdam in 1653, married and set up his own studio, becoming a close friend of the painter J├╝rgen Ovens, a talented pupil of Rembrandt. He is also known to have collaborated for many years with the well-known landscape artists Meindert Hobbema and Jan van der Heyden. He died in Amsterdam in 1674.
Lingelbach followed closely the style of the Bamboccianti, with whom he spent time during his stay in Rome. Some of his paintings are so close in manner and theme to the work of the group that they were at one time attributed to Pieter van Laer. His broad vedute were influenced at first by the landscapes of the Dutch painter Philips Wouwerman; later, in Italy, he was in close contact with Viviano Codazzi, as is evident from the numerous architectural capricci that closely resemble the work of the Italian painter from Bergamo.

Alessandro Zuccari