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Luigi Bartolini (Cupramontana 1892 - Rome 1963)

Luigi Bartolini (Cupramontana 1892 – Rome 1963), besides being an original writer, has contributed some paintings in which he expresses his clear autonomy vis-à-vis the 20th-century cultural and artistic scene. This independence greatly distances him from the contemporary theme of the “return to order.”
He is also one of the most renowned engravers of the 20th century in Italy, second only to Giorgio Morandi. He trained in Rome and worked there throughout his life, combining poetry and etching in illustrated texts.
Bartolini studied some past artists critically and at length, establishing a non-servile relationship to them but finding a strong stimulus to inventiveness of a very high standard. He modelled himself, among others, on Goya, Fattori and Rembrandt, always investigated vigorously and with great emotional engagement.

Antonio Del Guercio