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Master of the von Groote Adoration

This anonymous Flemish painter of the early 16th century was identified by Max Friedländer in 1915 in an article on Mannerism in Antwerp. The name is taken from the work Friedländer attributed to him, an Adoration of the Magi, at that time part of the Freiherr von Groote collection in Kitzburg and now at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt. A number of other paintings, all of religious subjects, were grouped with the work, including the Lamentation on the Dead Christ in Vienna (Akademie der bildenden Künste). Along with Pseudo-Bles, the Master of the Milan Adoration of the Magi (Jan de Beer?), the Master of the Antwerp Adoration, and the 1518 Master, the painter of the von Groote Adoration is regarded today as one of the leading painters working in Antwerp at the beginning of the 16th century who gravitated around the local guild of St. Luke.
Numerous paintings have been attributed to the artist’s studio, testifying to the widespread admiration his  work elicited in the early part of the century.

Alessandro Zuccari