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Giovanni Stradone (Nola 1911 - Rome 1981)

Giovanni Stradone (Nola 1911 - Rome 1981) began his career in Rome in Ferruccio Ferrazzi’s studio and spent the whole of his working life in the city. After a period marked by a tonalism of Morandian origin, Stradone was influenced by the experiences of Mafai and above all Scipione, in the context of the Roman School.
His art acquired its definitive language towards the end of the 1930s, moving in the direction of an expressionism marked by the dramatic climate of those years. In this way he participated with the artists of Rome and Milan in the tragic conditions of the war and the political oppression of the time.
A dense and intense matter, often obscure but illuminated by sudden lights, evokes the Roman urban landscape, almost like an animated and swirling apparition. Underestimated for a long time, Stradone developed a language of his own  in which the debt to Mafai and Scipione is repaid by a strong visionary quality.

Antonio Del Guercio